Iran plane crash PS 752 a terror attack? What caused last explosion 4 seconds before plane crash?

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1. Januar 2020
Iran Flight PS 752 crash: Was a Pantsir System involved?
17. Januar 2020

19.01.2020  Correction:

Meanwhile a had new conclusions about the direction where the missile came from, this geolocation was false, I correct it.

So this was right
And this was wrong

We found the same hill, but regared different perspectives and mine was wrong.
I am (not really “proudly”) presenting this as my first error in this way, that I can ever remember. This I really could have done better.
All started with my excellent recognition of a contradiction about the “massive TURN” of the plane as a reason to shot it down, because before the explosions above Parand there was no “massive turn”.
So it was probable, that the turn was BECAUSE of a earlier explosions and the shot that was admitted, was after a first attack by terrorists. THEN the direction I found would have fitted to a terrorist attack. 
This TURN that the Iranian reported, had to be explaind, but simply, there was no turn before the first missiles of Iran, so Irans information was false.
My instinct for contradictions was right, my logic was right, but my basis-informations about a “turn” were wrong and my geolocation was also wrong. And especially this geolocation-mistake was my personal mistake, the rest was based on wrong informations and not my fault.
On this basis, I take back my conclusions about a MANPAD-missile.
What remains are my findings about a Pantsir, or lets say, a anti-aircraft canon. But in the last phase of the flight, around 20 km and more than 5 Minutes later.

Iran Flight PS 752 crash: Was a Pantsir System involved?

The last explosion

Klaus Fejsa
Klaus Fejsa
"Kriminalistischer Mitdenker: Klaus F. hatte auch im Tötungsfall Michelle eine entscheidende Idee, die anfangs niemand ernst nahm, sich letztendlich jedoch als richtig herausstellte." ....... Südwest-Presse Artikel am 19.10.2012

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