Pool, Tote, Unfall: Auch nach fast einer Woche ignorieren fast sämtliche Medien weltweit auch nach ausdrücklicher Ansprache und Beispielen das Thema STROM
30. Dezember 2019
USA – Iran : I think, Damaskus will be the sign, before New York City, UNO and Wall Street will be destroyed.
7. Januar 2020
Pool, Tote, Unfall: Auch nach fast einer Woche ignorieren fast sämtliche Medien weltweit auch nach ausdrücklicher Ansprache und Beispielen das Thema STROM
30. Dezember 2019
USA – Iran : I think, Damaskus will be the sign, before New York City, UNO and Wall Street will be destroyed.
7. Januar 2020

Spain, pool, 3 drowned: Facts about “pool drain accidents” and “pool electric accidents”

Planet earth,  01.01.2020

1. Search everywhere, where on earth ever happened for technical reasons a pool accident with more than one dead person without it having anything to do with electricity in the water ?


2. There are reports about the spanish pool-drama worldwide but no expert and no media around the world in spanish, english or german language etc., in many countries on different continents like America, Europe, Australia etc., no one except me, talks about electric shock even after one week.

First my articel in german on the 26.12.2019

Then the second articel from the 28.12.2019, arguments sent to Media in the USA,  England, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

3. “Pool-drain” discussions when there are THREE death (two tall grown men) are as stupid as trying to oil the earth axis and show worldwide stupidity AND that criminal investigations are necessary, because:

4. The published statements of the experts about “pool-drain themes” are under these circumstances homocidal incompetent or shall intentionally distract from the probability of an electric shock.

On 24.12.2019 there was a deadly accident in a spanish hotel pool, killing  a 9 years old girl, her father and her brother. The mother reported, that all three could swim.The two men were 1,9 m tall and even could stand on tiptoe in the 2 m deep water.
Because  the drowning of the three was very mysterious and without an obvious explanation, since then untill today, many media in Spain, USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and many other countries around  the world are reporting globally the nonsense of a “pool drain accident”.
But never ever a pool drain accident killed more than one person, normaly little children, like it is explained in the following video.
Its the same like if you put a vacuum cleaner to your skin, it sucks the skin and fixes ONE  body under water.
When a child is diving directly down to the pooldrain, the pooldrain can suck the body and keeps it down, later you see the marks of the pooldrain on the body.
But this can only happen to one single person at a time. Not to two persons or even three.

There is only one thing that often killed more than one at  a time in a pool and this is current in the water, an electric stroke.

The mother of the family, Olubunmi Diya, did not talk about a “pooldrain” she only said

“I believe something was wrong with the pool, that must have made swimming difficult for them at that point in time.


The only way one media worldwide besides me talked about “current” was not in a electric meaning but as nonsens


The police version of events and that of the two women who survived the incident, the only witnesses, are contradictory. Firstly, there are disagreements about whether or not the victims – a man and two of his children – knew how to swim. Secondly, whether the pool’s filter system could have created a current that dragged the bathers into the deep end.

All that can be found on earth about this theme is nonsense about  “pool-drain”, except my articles about electric current

Here my articles about electric current


And here all the rest on earth, ALL NONSENSE


A pool drain problem can not influence more than one person at a time.

But an electric problem can kill a whole group at a time.



=> Just understand: If a group ist dead: First you have to think to a electric  reason


Carmen Johnson and other cases even in open water




Soon the father heard the girls cry for help and jumped in the lake hoping to save them. His son Zach also jumped in to help but they, too, were being shocked by an electric current that was transferring into the water through the metal ladder.

Jimmy Johnson, who works in electronic repairs, realized they were being shocked and managed to shout for his wife to cut the power to the dock. But, Carmen Johnson didn’t survive.

“If my husband hadn’t went into the water, we wouldn’t have known what was going on,” Casey Johnson said. Because electric shock drowning typically doesn’t leave visible proof on victims’ bodies, it’s unlikely anyone would have known about the electrocution if others hadn’t been in the water and felt the shock. The electrocution can paralyze swimmers, making it difficult for them to get out of the water.


And now look, how catastrophic stupid logic in spain 2019 and all around the world until now:


Jorge Martín, a spokesman for the civil guard in Spain, said by telephone on Friday that the water was about six and a half feet deep at the pool’s deepest point.

An initial report that a resort employee who entered the pool during the episode had also struggled to get out suggested that there might have been a problem with the pool’s filtration or drainage systems, Mr. Martín said.


=> The Guardia Civil showed itself incompetent or criminal

The electric danger must be familiar not even to experts, but to EVERYONE even to journalists and whole public
Its the same deadly danger in pools or in marinas, and there is even a hole organisation to warn about the danger of current in the water
NEVER swim in or near marinas, docks or boatyards.
You not going to find EVER a technical water accident with more than one death or injured unless it was elektricity. But for the stupid media, it is not even an opportunity worth talking about today.

And remember:

The source of the  current in the water does not need to be very near to the spot of the accident and it must not be something obvious like a cable hanging in the pool, the electricity that kills in the pool, could have come from somewhere in the hotel building, from a pump in a technical area or a current conducting connection like water in a pipe etc..  May be only at times when a filter or a pump is clogged or someone was working inside the house.

Just examine all exactly, also a temporary problem and the case, that may be criminals try to hide the truth today !!!

Klaus Fejsa
Klaus Fejsa
"Kriminalistischer Mitdenker: Klaus F. hatte auch im Tötungsfall Michelle eine entscheidende Idee, die anfangs niemand ernst nahm, sich letztendlich jedoch als richtig herausstellte." ....... Südwest-Presse Artikel am 19.10.2012

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