The murder of Jonbenet Ramsey: Part 1 The “smoking gun web”

Intellektuell Minderbegabte contra Freimaurer bei den Themen Denktabu, Ketzerei, Verschwörungstheorie
21. März 2020
The murder of Jonbenet Ramsey: Part 2, What happened ?
8. Mai 2020

I start our journey to victory with this presentation as a first clear new argumenation. Before of this, no one could contradict the false spider web claims in this case so substantiated.

Check out this video :

But its not easy, in the first moment I was kicked out with no comment after I asked my reasonable question here.

Gelöschter Thread und User im Forum europäischer Spinnentiere

Then when I already was kicked out, I got a friedly answer from one of the readers recommending me an US-expert.  This is the status quo and that in the video I corrected the plans and Dimensions that were false in my PDF

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