The murder of Jonbenet Ramsey: Part 1 The “smoking gun web”
6. Mai 2020
Tote, Rollstuhl, Berlin, DRK …. welches Stichwort fehlt hier? Lösung: Kleingarten
15. Mai 2020
The murder of Jonbenet Ramsey: Part 1 The “smoking gun web”
6. Mai 2020
Tote, Rollstuhl, Berlin, DRK …. welches Stichwort fehlt hier? Lösung: Kleingarten
15. Mai 2020

The murder of Jonbenet Ramsey: Part 2, What happened ?


Today someone searched like this and found to my website, what is very difficult, well done 🙂

mervin pugh killed jonbenet ramsey

Or a accomplice?





08-Mai-2020 Status quo

OK, new facts would be new facts, then I give in in the point of pineapple. I am able to change my mind when I have new informations.

A battle with Burke in the night about some pineapples was published as a possible reason for her killing, so pineapple in the night would have to fit to the examiners.

If this s wrong, I got false informations, but I never did a logical mistake in a criminal case, I can not remind a single one.

So the pineapple stuff is worth nothing, then she COULD be stun in bed.

When was she hit?

The hit ended the plan of a kidnapping because from this moment on, it was a dying child.

In the basement, her body was placed in the suitcase, the fibers showed it.

Placing her in the suitcase was a act during the plan of kidnapping.

So she was hit AFTER she was put in a suitcase, so putting her in the suitcase was done to transport her like this to a waiting car outside.

WHY was she hit?

Because of panic , even with duct-tape in the suitcase, she could make too much noise, because she was not gagged.

She was hit, when they reopened the suitcase. She was NOT hit before she was put in the suitcase.

So the moment of pineapple and the moment of stunning are both unimportant. Important is the moment of the hit in relation to the suitcase as a clear indication for the kidnapping motive and all the insider knowledge in this case that point to a group around H-P.

… Sometime I have missing infos, then I can correct myself. But when I got the right infos, I do the best reconstruction work …..

The murder of Jonbenet Ramsey: Part 2, What happend

I can not repeat all my credentials here in english, but I was called a “genius” by several experts and professor. But the media and authorities dont admitt the truth and I dont get heard in society as much as needed. Therefore my success is sometimes tragic, like when the bones of an missing old lady were discovered in the exact area, she could have been found still alive when I would have got heard soon enough.
The same in murdercases, I get underestimated until it comes out, that I had the solution to catch the murderer much earlier than the police. But even though I showed so often the deads of an absolute genius, most of the media dont admitt and dont report the truth until today.
Of course no one should HAVE TO use the verbal mallet and call himself a GENIUS (even more than once)  but
1. I did not start to do so
2. If the idiots out there would do their job, I could start to be nice and humble again …
Here I am showing now the only plausible explanation for what happend:
1. This crime against Jonbenet was done by insiders. Not the parents and Burke, but persons that know this family and this house very well. The deed was done with the insider-knowledge of Linda and Mervin Hoffmann Pugh
2.  The deed was done  by a group of criminals, at least one had the inside-informations and and at least one accomplice left DNA
3. The crime was planned
– to enter the house through the basement window while the family has left,
– then may be dressed as  “trustworthy Santa-Claus” bring Jonbenet downstairs,
– let the ransome there, that was written at home on stolen paper
– drug Jonbenet with GHB (can only be detected 8 h) mixed with pinapple
– when she is sleeping, put her in a suitcase to carry her to a waiting car outside, (fibres of the clothes that she had worn this day were found in this suitcase).
4. The crime went wrong when Jonbenet did not get unconcious by the drug soon enough
– she made noise, try how extreme loud one can groan even with closed mouth. She could have been so loud that she got the hit on the head.
– this was the turning point, they realized the hole in the head, thought she will die, changed the plan, stopped the kidnapping and killed her. No torture, probably unconcious girl that was near death was killed to end the situation.
5. Sexual abuse with wooden stick after death, probably accomplice who probably left DNA was a pedophile.
6. Criminals left house through open pantry door.
Completly all evidence and witnesses from heighborhood fits to this explanation. Every known detail, evidence, witness and plausibility only fit to this single explanation.
Lets say  THEORETICAL Linda and Mervin Hoffmann Pugh could have given their insider-knowledge
under hypnosis OR both or one of them were at the crime scene.  But the theoretical option, that they did it under hypnosis, makes it possible to speak out their names, without being accused of defamation.
There is in the moment a lot of evidence against Hoffmann-Pugh, but no “smoking gun proof” but  we need them as the link to the accomplice who left the DNA.
Only this or a confession can solve the case today. There must be a person linked to Hoffmann-Pugh who left the DNA, if it is DNA from the crime scene.
  • The friend/partner of Hoffmann-Pugh must have prepared a place were he could have kept Jonbenet during the kidnapping.
  • Probably the friend/partner of Hoffmann-Pugh was masked as Santa-Claus
  • Probably the car of the friend/partner of Hoffmann-Pugh was near the crime scene.
  • The friend/partner of Hoffmann-Pugh was a pedophile.
May be with this informations some one can name a new suspect.
All the pedophiles that were named until today are only then a topic, if one of them is linked to Hoffmann-Pugh. The physical evidence and their knowledge makes them to the center of the case.  This was not a deed by the parents and Burke, not by a simple intruder but by at least two intruders with enormous insider-knowledge and the ransome note in their bag, long time written allready at home by a whole group, having a lot and “good” time (drinking beer ?)… in the days before.
Just think to a giggling group sitting around a table that can not get enough of their joyful anticipation, dreaming of a successful kidnapping as “masterminds”.
The social environment of Mervin and Linda Hoffmann-Pugh must be investigated in every detail.
Linda Hoffmann-Pugh is absolutly offensive suspecting the Ramsey family as murderers
So if this is allowed so openly, it should be done with Mervin and Linda Hoffmann-Pugh the same way, because all points to them and a accomplice. If more reluctance would be needed, you could let open, if Mervin and Linda Hoffmann-Pugh are innocent and gave their insider knowledge under hypnosis etc.
But anyway, if you search the person who left the DNA, you must search the social environment of Mervin and Linda Hoffmann-Pugh.
The bullshit that the american people produced in this crimecase is appallingly unjust but also intellectual catastrophically stupid.
Like a shame for the human race, this nation could be trampled and destroyed, and also the “experts” on all sides.
The best job until now did Smit and Agustin together with the father of Jonbenet. But now I came, my explanation after one week of investigation is better than all what someone did before.
If this is ignored and the crowd refuses to support my thoughts, I take a stand for my own and attack the whole nation as absolute idiots and a shame for mankind.  Its up to you, americans, I will win in the end because truth will win in the end and my intellectual gifts are above all what you can think of today, whether you like my words or not, it is like it is.

The murder of Jonbenet Ramsey: Part 1 The “smoking gun web”


I start our journey to victory with this presentation as a first clear new argumenation. Before of this, no one could contradict the false spider web claims in this case so substantiated.

Check out this video :

But its not easy, in the first moment I was kicked out with no comment after I asked my reasonable question here.

Gelöschter Thread und User im Forum europäischer Spinnentiere

Then when I already was kicked out, I got a friedly answer from one of the readers recommending me an US-expert.  This is the status quo and that in the video I corrected the plans and Dimensions that were false in my PDF

Klaus Fejsa
Klaus Fejsa
"Kriminalistischer Mitdenker: Klaus F. hatte auch im Tötungsfall Michelle eine entscheidende Idee, die anfangs niemand ernst nahm, sich letztendlich jedoch als richtig herausstellte." ....... Südwest-Presse Artikel am 19.10.2012

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