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1. Januar 2020
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29. Januar 2020

Iran Flight PS 752 crash: Was a Pantsir System involved?

In the sky, there is not a real explosion, because this footage is filmed from only around 1 km to 0,5 km.

A missile-explosion in this short distance and at night would look totally different, much more extreme.

This was not an explosion of a missile, but like a explosion of fuel that is ignited by bullets.
Watch how there is a similar “flame” on the ground.

To me it seems, at this position a  shortrange Pantsir-System was used against the airplane.
Sustained fire, but without tracer amunition.

And look:
There is the same kind of “burning” at a special place on the ground like the plane in the air, watch my analysis of the colors.
The use of a Pantsir system would explain all.
And this:

And the explanation why Iran is denying this, could be a highly secret underground military facility in this area, like it was said before by Iran.

Klaus Fejsa
Klaus Fejsa
"Kriminalistischer Mitdenker: Klaus F. hatte auch im Tötungsfall Michelle eine entscheidende Idee, die anfangs niemand ernst nahm, sich letztendlich jedoch als richtig herausstellte." ....... Südwest-Presse Artikel am 19.10.2012

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